Tips on how you can clean your computer of unwanted programs

Are you getting frustrated with how your computer or laptop has been working lately? Before you consider purchasing a new one, you might want to check the hard disk first. It may have been victimized by unwanted software or programs that are causing your computer to function slowly. With this, you are not only making your device work faster, but also sparing yourself from spending a lot of money in buying a new gadget.

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Most of the time, users keep software programs on their computers that are intended for different purposes. However, over time, they are forgotten. There are even some which are beyond the owner’s knowledge. These programs are actually unnecessary, and they are only taking up much of the memory. Hence, they slow down the function of the computer.

Once a computer or laptop has been switched on, it will start by Windows loading the different software that is installed on it. This also includes some programs that are meant to help with the proper functioning of the device as well as its security such as firewall and anti-virus. However, all of these are running in the background which significantly affects the speed of the computer.

Take a look at the following tips on how you can clean your computer of unwanted programs or software.

View the Windows’ task manager

Hold the CTRL and ALT keys at the same time and then press DELETE to allow the Window’s task manager to pop up. You can then view all the programs that are running on your computer. Go through each one of them and determine which ones are no longer needed and you have to clear off. To stop a certain program or application from running further, you just have to click the End Task button. This will enable you to gain back the memory that the program has taken up. Hence, it will help your device to perform faster.

Search for the programs

You can search for the applications or software by clicking START or PROGRAMS. Most of the time, the group contains the uninstalled programs. Search for the ones you would like to remove and delete them.

utrytghAccess the Control Panel

Another way for you to find unnecessary programs is to access the Control Panel. Just click START, go to settings and hit Control Panel. To get the list of the programs, you have to open the icon that says “add or remove programs.” You can sort them out by the name, size, date of last use as well as the frequency of use. Simply select the ones that you are not using anymore and click the OK button to get rid of them.