Fruit Fly Traps That Work

Fruit Fly Traps That Work

Fruit flies are a nuisance to many homeowners. They have a short lifespan growing from egg to adulthood in about ten days. This means that they can reproduce at a very fast rate. They grow in moist and damp places such as garbage and disposal drains. They are mainly attracted to fruits which are rotting and fermenting. Kindly have a look at Fruit Fly Traps That Work – To get rid of fresh fruit, you can employ fruit fly traps to clear them completely from your home.

Best tips

Dish Soap and cider vinegar

This method should work by putting apple cider vinegar in a jar or bowl then adding a drop of dish soap. The dish kjkjkjkjksoap is to create tension across the top on the cider vinegar. The vinegar should attract the flies.

They fly into the soap and trap them in there. This is suitable enough to kill an entire fruit fly colony. The apple cider vinegar is a fast, easy and safe way to get rid of your fruit flies.

Terro trap

The terro trap has been designed to lure fruit flies with a particular based liquid food. The patented lures fruit flies and enables them to last for about 30 days. These Terro traps are safe and non-toxic, they can be used around pets, children, and food. Due to its safety, it can be used in an indoor or outdoor space, it is attractive and fits in almost any kitchen door. It quickly and safely eliminates fruit flies ensuring that they cannot escape without multiplying and breeding. For the best use, it is more efficient when placed in breeding areas and is left undisturbed.

DIY traps

kjkjkjkjDIY traps for fruit flies are easy to make with a bowl, fruit, food items, a sharp item and a plastic wrap. It follows a procedure that is easy to place in a bowl. You can secure a wrap over the top and secure it if necessary with rubber. Poke holes at the head of the plastic cover with a toothpick, knife or any sharp object. Flies will be attracted to the fermenting fruit. They will get into the holes but won’t get out. When you see a few fruit flies in the bowl, simply take the bowl outside, take off the lid and let the flies go. They will go and multiply elsewhere, but they will no longer be in your home.

Apart from simply trying to control your fruit fly, you can get your neighbors involved too. By synchronizing fruit fly control, you could expand and grow your skill. It is amazing how much fruit fly you can get by being a good neighbor.