Insight About A Push Button Influence

Insight About A Push Button Influence

This is a push button influence review for those who may be contemplating to enroll in this program. Essentially, this is a training program, which is designed to impart aspiring influencers with the necessary skills and resources to exploit fully the power of social media.

It is conducted by Alex Mandossian and Steve Olsher and covers ten weeks of coaching that culminates in a three-day live intensive event. This program is meant to budding writers, coaches, professionals, speakers, consultants and even small business startups’ owners. The conversionfly reviews helps clients make informed choice on the program.
It is suitable for anybody who wants to tap into the power of social media to launch their distribution channels. This, in turn, results in the extensive propagation of their objectives or message they wish to put across to their targeted audience. As such, students learn how to build themselves or their brands a lasting reputation.


What does it involve?

This training program is centered on five pillars, which involve the students doing homework and taking challenges. These are the learning, doing, scaling, automation and, of course, the live event.


In this section, the students are taken through 8 modules that are made available in audio, video and transcripts hghghghghghghhfgfgformat. Each of which has an action guide as well as checklists, and they cover from one to 1 hours of training.

Students can also access a member-only Facebook group and live webinars where all their burning queries will be addressed. Some of the modules covered in the learning section include content, planning, production, technology and networking.

The overall objective of this pillar is the student to conduct their first web radio or TV show within the first twenty-one days.


The doing pillar takes the eight modules in the learning component to the next level with challenges, which are run by an online leaderboard. Here students get to earn influence points by conducting their interviews and implementation points by completing quizzes. The objective of this given pillar is for the students to publish their shows on iTunes, YouTube or Stitcher within forty-four days.


This is the “done for you” section of this training program. Students get various templates and also get to network with notable influencers. The objective of this pillar is the student to get an invitation to an influencer show or get new media influencers on their show within 60 days.


Here students get all the resources they need for the training. This includes click funnels and webinar jam subscriptions along with email or AR templates for new subscribers, graphic models and so on. The objective of this pillar is students optimizing subscription and influence by the time the live immersion event is held.

Live immersion event

gfggfgfgfffdFinally, this push button influence review would be incomplete without touching on the live event. Typically, here students will get to practice all the things they have learned among themselves.

The objective is for them to perfect their pitch and get fully immersed in the push button influence community.