Fundamental Features of the Best Hamster Cage

To give your pet hamster the best that you can, you need to ensure that you get it the best cage. When looking at hamster cages for sale, you will realize that some units have their own unique features. This serves  to match the preferences of different pet owners and the comfort of the hamster as well. However, some fundamental elements need to be in a cage to make it useful.

Factors to consider


The more space a hamster gets, the better. Hamsters are solitary animals and need lots of space for themselves. A great cage should provide as much space as possible. The standard recommended is usually about a square foot but making it more than that will be even better.


A good cage should have many accessories for the hamster. Such include chewing toys, papers, tubes, and hamster wheels. The hamster wheel is of particular importance as hamsters are used to traveling a couple of miles every night. The cage should also include a specific place designed for the hamster to sleep on comfortably.


The material used for the hamster cage should be of high quality and great functionality. The primary materials usually used are wire mesh, plastics, and glass aquariums. Wire mesh cages are the most popular of all the types. The material should be escape proof for the hamster, as they are great escape artists.


The style is also another key feature for hamster cages. Perhaps the hamster might not notice how cool its cage looks like, but you will. You need to ensure that the design of the cage is something that pleases you. Good designs will be more attractive and will complement the room very well.

dfcwsDvWADvwdadSecurity and safety

When you have a hamster as a pet, the last thing you want is to come home and find it missing or injured in its cage. It is for this reason that the cage needs to be completely safe and secure. The hamster should not be able to escape in any way, including chewing its way out. The cage should also not have anything that can potentially injure the hamster, such as hanging wires, or sharp points.

Ease of cleaning

Usually, the more complicated the cage is, the harder it is to clean. When the job is too tedious, you might end up not doing a good job. A wire cage with a tray has the least cleaning job. Remember, for the hamsters sake, it is important to clean the cage regularly.