Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike Review

Dahon Speed Uno bike is a great all-rounder with outstanding functions, light weight, compacted design and reasonable price. It is presently one of the best-selling bikes in the USA. In this review, you will understand its purposes in particular and explain why this folding bike is appropriate to anybody, particularly urban travelers who live in big, jam-packed cities

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This is the fresher (and somewhat heavier) version of the prevalent urban commuter single speed bicycle, the Mu Uno. The Speed Uno derives in at 24lbs (10.9 kg) in addition to being one of Dahon’s light folding bikes. Weight is reserved to a total least by using an old school back coaster brake which permits you to slow the bike by pedaling back ward. The removal of all unattractive brake levers, gear shifters or else cables means that it is not merely easier to fold up. However, there is very little continuing maintenance essential for the bike.

Dahon Magnetix

Little traces go an extended mode with the Speed Uno. One obvious addition is the magnetic latching system which holds the bike together while folded. It is not directly obvious how suitable this little feature is however while you are using the Dahon Speed Uno you will soon develop to love it. Another excessive feature is Dahon’s DoubleLok scheme confirms that each latch that grasps the bike together has a secondary locking device to establish extreme safety.

It is also worth noticing that the Dahon Speed Uno is one of the top-selling bikes in the USA.


dfcsdfvsfvadThe back coaster brake is a single brake on the Speed Uno. Besides, it has a good design aspect it does take some attainment used to and it’s certainly not as potent as independent brakes front plus back which means that your requisite to permit for more ending distance. Since the coaster brake is located on the back, if you apply too much braking control you could also send the bike into a skid which further decreases the stopping power.

The Matt black border of the Speed Uno is built from K Series – Superlite – 4130 Chromoly, which is 60% sturdier than high tensile steel, in addition to on first imitations appears to be actual strong. When in use you could feel the difficulty of the frame which aids put your mind comfortable. Ideally, the plain stiffness and constancy of the frame is linked to Dahon’s DoubleLock scheme which firmly locks the hinge segments of the frame.