Cleaning Wheels and Tires

It is important to clean your wheels and tires regularly, as this goes beyond the clamor for an excellent appearance. Cleaning wheels and tires are preventive maintenance. Brake dust can eat into the coating and pit the metal. Frequent cleaning is the only way of keeping wheels safe. The showroom finish for your wheels gives you different options as far as the choice of the wheels is concerned. Here are the steps you can employ when cleaning your wheels and tires.

Different steps

Step 1

Wheels and tires should be cleaned first whenever you clean your car. This way, overspray will be prevented from splashing onto the already cleaned panels.

Step 2

Always start by finding an expert cleaner that is suitable for the kind of wheels that you have. For instance, and lkllklklllkchrome the roughcast aluminum can hold up the more powerful cleaners as compared to the coated, painted, or anodized wheels. Every cleaner says what best suitable for on the label. In case you aren’t sure of the kind of wheel you have, consider using a cleaning agent that is safe for all wheels.

Different cleaners have different ways of working. For instance, Wolfgang Tyre and Wheel Cleaner is that holds to both the tire and wheels surface to go beneath. It loosens brake dust in the protrusion in the metallic surface. Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate is suitable in circumstances where wheels have dust caked-on, or, those that you haven’t cleaned for months or years. McKee’s 37 Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator is suitable for removing the rust and the used oils and grease from tires, therefore leaving a dark polished finish.

After identifying the cleaner, you also need to determine the brush to use. In doing this, you ought to use a washing brush that has feathered bristles for wheels. As for tires, you need a strong brush to scrub the rubber. If the tires are made of several layers of seasoned dressings, consider putting a little oil into it. If left there, these layers may end up turning brown, making your tires appear old. Thus, it is crucial to scrub them.

Step 3

When cleaning tires and wheels, clean them systematically so as to prevent the cleaning agent from drying. Always wash and rinse with plenty water before you move to the next set.

Step 4

qwpklmbvxAlways dry your wheels after washing. Use a towel not intended for the other parts of your car. The Wheel and Tire towel must be used on wheels and tires, not on the other parts the car. This type of drying ensures that the water spots are not left behind. It also helps and gets off every bit of brake dust. Your wheels are ready for waxing!