Advantages Of Teething Toys For Children

Advantages Of Teething Toys For Children

Teething comes naturally a few months after a baby is born. The symptoms start to become apparent when a tooth is breaking from the gums. At this point, the baby needs teething baby help. It is normal for the baby to be quite fussy during this period, usually between four months and two years of age. The child will experience soreness and a lot of discomfort from the gums during teething, evidenced by non-stop crying. The signs to check for teething include the gum becoming reddish and swollen, at times even shiny. The tooth can be noticed and felt by the touch using a finger. Introducing teething toys at this stage is quite important.

Why Teething Toys?

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Teething toys feel silky and soothing to the babies when they chew them. They are designed in a way that it is easy for the baby to hold and put in their mouth. It will prevent them from looking for other objects, which might be unhealthy or dangerous, and put them in their mouth. The little pressure applied to the gums of the baby will make them feel a lot better, and the baby can chew on the toy all day.


A majority of teething toys are made of safe plastic, wood, or rubber. The safest however, are those made of 100% food grade silicon. They are BPA free and contain no phthalates, cadmium, or heavy metals. This makes them completely safe for the baby to chew on all day. The toys are also easier to clean, ensuring that hygienic standards can be maintained. They are usually tasteless and non-toxic, coming in all shapes and colors.

New Entrants

Silicone Necklaces

Silicone Necklaces are forming the new trends among moms who have a great fashion sense. 100% food grade silicone is used to design the accessories in various styles and colors. They are environmentally friendly and do not cause any allergic reactions. The moms can wear these fashionable necklaces, and the babies enjoy chewing on them when carried, improving interaction between baby and mother.

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The clip teething toys can easily be attached to the baby carrier or clothes, allowing easy access for the baby. It eliminates the need for the baby to chew off your shirt, skin, or whatever is nearby. Attaching it to something also ensures that it will not fall to the ground and get dirty.