Some of the West Campus Apartments for Rent

Some of the West Campus Apartments for Rent

A review from the students who have lived in the West Campus area from Texas University at Austin shows a pleasant and exciting experience that everyone would want to experience. It is because the area is at the center enabling the students to walk around and access places for their academic and social needs.

The locality is full of restaurants providing enchanting vegetarian food, coffee drinks, and retail shops for your daily shopping requirement. There are several west campus apartments for rent that are available for rent per month to every student planning to begin a new chapter of his life. Let us look at some of the houses for rent in this area:

Houses for rent

Crest at Pearl 4/4 – A

Located at 706 W Martin Luther King in Austin, TX 78705, Crest at Pearl is a four by four duplex, which means thatkjkjjkjkjkkj it provides four bedrooms alongside four bathrooms. The equal blend of bedrooms and bathroom gives you an opportunity to exercise privacy within the house, as each bedroom shall have its bathroom. To rent this duplex, you only need to part with about 44,396 every month.

The Corner – Austin, TX 78705

Located at 2508 San Gabriel St in West Campus, The Corner is another new apartment for you to book before it is too late. It has five bedrooms as well as four bathrooms spacious enough to make your stay enjoyable. This duplex comes at only $4,170 rent per month, one of the very competitive costs in the neighborhood.

Broadacres – Austin, TX

If you are need of a small house with spacious rooms in the West Campus region, then consider Broadacres. Situated at 5501 Jim Hogg Avenue, this apartment comes with two bedrooms and one bathroom for you to rent every month at a fee of only $1,700. It has a beautiful and big compound that will take care of your car packing needs. However, there is no pool around for you to utilize.

South Heights

hghgggghghghAnother newly featuring apartment at the West Campus area that may excite you is the South Heights. Located in 1200 Treadwell Street, this house has one bedroom as well as one bathroom. Moreover, you will be enjoying an outside pool as you view the pleasant surroundings. You will only part with $1,395 for your rent each month.

You can contact and agent to secure one of these apartments from others who would want to move in before you. Since they are in high demand because students prefer the West Campus area to other parts such as the Enfield and North Campus, you should hurry to rent yours before someone moves in fast.