Buildings Investigative Reports

Lakeland Mental Institution-Blackwood, NJ
October 25, 2002

    Located among the buildings of the County Health Services, stands this rather ominous brick structure.  It once was home to those struggling with mental illness.  The building was abandoned, seemingly in a hurry, leaving nearly everything behind.  Time, neglect and vandals have taken their toll on what was once a magnificent building.  We found it necessary to block out some art work left by the vandals, so you will see some pictures with pixilated areas. 

    A chance encounter found several of our members in the building that was once the Lakeland Mental Institution.  While out conducting some research on their own, our members met someone who allowed them access to the institution.  You will never find SJPR in any location where trespassing is prohibited.  SJPR never conducts research in any location without permission! 

This picture shows the beautiful architecture in the main lobby. Only the spirits who roam here enjoy these majestic columns.
Multiple orbs found in a corridor.   Multiple orbs found in a corridor.
Multiple orbs found in a corridor. Bright orb coming through the doorway.
Look at the position of these three orbs captured near the abandoned nurses' station.  You can see the direction of their movement in the picture to the right. The large one has come closer to the investigator and seems to have stopped on the stretcher for a rest.  Two of the others have also moved.