How Spirits Manifest on Film & Video

There are actually several ways that a spirit manifests on a recording medium, but first lets look at what exactly we capture with our camera or video recorder. What the camera captures is energy…spirit energy. That’s it in a nut shell. So why does it appear in so many different ways?

One theory is that spirit energy will begin as an orb, since it requires the least amount of energy to manifest, and it is the easiest form to take. This round, 3 dimensional ball of energy is the most common manifestation which is captured on film. Often you will see a misty “swirl” in the orb.

Outstanding Photo Evidence - Click on photo for larger image
Multiple orbs in a cemetery
A bright, opaque orb with a transparent orb on the investigator’s jacket
Multiple orbs in a cemetery
A single, transparent orb


The next “step”, theoretically, that the spirit takes to manifest may be an ectoplasmic mist. This manifestation simply looks like smoke.  However, any good paranormal investigator would never smoke on an investigation and risk taking a false positive picture. We also train ourselves in cold weather to hold our breath while taking a picture for the same reason. But enough about us…spirit mist is much more rare to capture on film, and when we do, wow! No investigator will ever forget their first “mist shot”.

A mist surrounds an investigator’s head.
A huge mist swirls about in a cemetery.
A  mist emanates from a grave site.

The next step after an orb may also be a light rod. A light rod appears as a streak of light across the picture. Of course when these pictures are obtained, great care must be taken to ensure there was nothing reflective that created the light rod. It may also be that the “streak” captured in the picture is actually an orb in motion. The first picture above is a good example of orbs in motion. Mist pictures and light rods are much more difficult to obtain than the more common orb photo.

Seeing an orb in photos can be very exciting, depending upon the circumstances. Capturing them on video is quite something else! They will move with very precise movements, often very quickly! They can also travel about, stop, change direction and go off to where ever it is that orbs go.

You will note that everything on the video has a nice green glow.  That’s because we use video cameras with “night shot” or an infrared light attachment.  This allows us to take videos in near complete darkness.

Watch the Video

So you have now seen the many ways that spirit energy is captured on a recording medium.  Experiment yourself, but do so safely.